Industrial Foils

Aluminium foils from 7 to 300 microns and with minimum 25mm width for usage in heat and water isolation,pakaging,household foils,air conditioning,decorations,pharmaceutical caps and special products..




Aluminium foil with a thickness of 7 to 9Mm,20 to 50Mm that contain kraft paper laminate,food polyethylene foils,triplex laminates(suchets),blister.



Aluminium sheet from 0.5 to 1.2 mm with sinuous and trapezoidal shape for usage in construction in both colored amd colorless form and Aluminium coils from 4 to 5 mm for usage in construction, air conditioning,oil,gas,petrochemical,offered in both plain and painted..


Nik Aluminum Kaveh (Aluminum Pars) Company

Nik Aluminum Kaveh is a leading manufacturer in the flat and rolled aluminum industry engaged in the production of sheets, coils, foils and corrugated products in different alloys, sizes and dimensions. It is situated in Saveh about 100 km southwest of Tehran on a plot of land measuring 33 hectares of which 7 hectare is a covered area housing the plant and its related buildings.. It started its commercial operation in early 1960's and executed an expansion project in 1980's by installing two new foil mills and upgrading many of its machinery and equipment resulting in quality improvement and an increase in the plant capacity to 30,000 MT per annum depending on production schedule. It offers its products to a variety of sectors such as packaging, construction, automotive, pharmaceutical, household, dairy products and others. The employees of the company are professional and dedicated, and have significantly contributed to the success of the company. It is equipped with a modern laboratory and a mechanism for testing the products at each production stage to maintain the quality consistent and high in standard. The products being high in quality and competitive in price have found wide application both in local and export markets. The objective of the company is to modernize and increase the capacity of the plant by purchase of new equipment and revamp where necessary for stabilizing the local market and having a strong presence in the Middle East and European markets.

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Industrial Foils

Production of industrial and household foils with thicknesses ranging between
7 to 100 and 101 to 300 microns respectively


Coil & Sheets

Producer of a variety of plain, painted, corrugated coils and sheets, in thicknesses ranging between 0.2 to 6 mm in different sizes and dimensions.