Industrial Foils

Aluminium foils from 7 to 300 microns and with minimum 25mm width for usage in heat and water isolation,pakaging,household foils,air conditioning,decorations,pharmaceutical caps and special products..




Aluminium foil with a thickness of 7 to 9Mm,20 to 50Mm that contain kraft paper laminate,food polyethylene foils,triplex laminates(suchets),blister.



Aluminium sheet from 0.5 to 1.2 mm with sinuous and trapezoidal shape for usage in construction in both colored amd colorless form and Aluminium coils from 4 to 5 mm for usage in construction, air conditioning,oil,gas,petrochemical,offered in both plain and painted..


Aluminum Pars factory

Aluminum Pars company , with an experience of over 40 years,has managed to recognize itself as the biggest aluminum flat products in Iran as well as the region.The recent changes in management and shareholders have shifted the focus move on quality improvement , customer relation and satifaction. The company , with utilization of domestic experts and foreign consulatants,as well as new investments in machineries ($50 million) and the latest technical know - how has been able to make a name for itself in domestics well as foreign markets.We take pride that recent investments have met the purpose of gaining customer satisfaction as well as providing products with improved quality at compatible prices.The company has also been able to increase its production from 13,000 to 30,000 tons per year. Aluminum Pars'factory is distinguished as one of the most modern and up to date factories in the region.

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Coil & Sheets

Manufacturer type of Aluminum sheet and coil offered in both plain and painted.